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item no.: 107510702035
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product name: Dariya SALON de PRO Foam Type Hair Color (5 Natural Brown) (1box) (5 Natural Brown) item no.: 107510702035 brand: Dariya
function: category: Hair Dye product size: 1 box
country of origin: Japan


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item no.: 107510702035
5 Natural Brown
size: 1 box
now: US$ 15.0
RRP: US$ 18.00
save: 16.7%

SALON de PRO Foam Type Hair Color (5 Natural Brown)

New Formula! SALON de PRO unique hair foam, combining hair dye and hair treatment ingredients at the same time.

With five treatment compounds contained, your hair will shine as if after receiving a professional salon treatment! Royal jelly extract and sunflower oil moisturizes hair. Camellia oil makes hair glow and shine. Seaweed extract protects hair, while water-soluble collagen adds firmness and elasticity to hair. Hair looks natural and beautiful.

Easy to use one-push design, rich foam comes out immediately without having to blend the agents. Foam spreads quickly and dyes hair evenly and beautifully, even reaching the roots of hair and inner parts which are difficult to dye and can be easily missed!

Comes with close-fitting gloves that can help you apply the agent easily. They make you feel natural like you are using your bare hands!

No odor and no liquid dripping. Eyes and Nose are not irritated. No unpleasant smell remains in the room. If the foam touches the scalp or skin, a reaction odor may be generated. Leftover agents can be used later.

how to use

1. Shake the bottle thoroughly up and down about 20 times.
2. Press down the nozzle part from directly above until it stops.
3. Pull the lever firmly to have the foam come out on your palm.
4. Apply foam to the hair abundantly and rub and blend it into the hair evenly.
5. Leave it for about 20 minutes after the foam is thoroughly applied. (Does not bubble even if rubbed into hair.)
6. Rinse well and use shampoo and conditioner for the finish.


Connecting Bottle (Agent #1 40g + Agent #2 40g) Nozzle Part Close-fitting gloves

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