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functions:Hydrating NourishingBrighteningSoothingAnti-wrinkleAll Skin Type


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product name: MVSK MVSK®Cellular Boosting Toner Solution [ Dragon's Blood Essence ] (120ml) item no.: 107669203001 brand: MVSK
function: Hydrating NourishingBrighteningSoothingAnti-wrinkleAll Skin Type category: Comforting Toner product size: 120 ml



The Origin of Dragon’s Blood Essence
Peru dragon’s blood resin is originated from a mysterious and precious tree species living in the ancient rainforests throughout South and Central America. The tree is like a huge mushroom in its appearance and it is said that it can live up to 8,000 years. When the bark of the tree is cut, it bleeds dark red liquid and that is how dragon’s blood got its name. This very ingredient is used for medical purposes and as dye. Apart from that, it is used in witchcraft, alchemy and folk magic.

Dragon’s blood trees grow very slowly; the annual length increase of their branches is less than 1 cm. Yet, it has the longest lifespan among all plants and is now a rare plant protected by the UN. Harvesting of dragon’s blood resin now requires a license.

50X Antioxidant
Dragon’s blood essence is rich in proanthocyanidins (PC), which makes it at least 50 times more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E in terms of antioxidant effects.

The formula consists of three significant beauty ingredients from Europe and South America which are used since ancient civilizations: dragon’s blood essence, European olive leaf extract and musk rose seed oil. The combination is an abundant reservoir of activating energy and can prevent aging of skin, provide deep repairing, lighten wrinkles, smooth fine lines, tightening skin and improve defensive capability. Apart from the featured ingredients, it is also added with aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin E. Helpful in maintaining moistures, soothing and evening skin tones, these add-ons can further enhance the anti-aging, wrinkles smoothing, firming and activating power of the product. Dragon’s blood essence has been greatly welcomed by stars and celebrities from Europe and America since it was launched in the market.

Use Consecutively for 4 Weeks…
for proven effects including enhanced natural collagen formation in skin (which gives better elasticity and plumpness), obviously improved micro blood vessels, better firmness, translucency and hydration. Results obtained are comparable to those of receiving a laser treatment.

Featured Effects
Known also as a “natural botox”, the ingredient lightens wrinkles, tightens skin, uplifts face, provides powerful moisturizing effects, evens skin tones and enhances the defensive capability of skin.

how to use

Apply evenly on face and neck every day in morning and before bed after cleaning and application of toner. The product provides a favorable skin foundation which aids the leading-in of facial products used afterwards and hence significantly improves their beautifying effects.


Main Ingredients Peru Dragon’s Blood Resin Essence: Originated from dragon’s blood trees that live up to 8,000 years, this ingredient has been used since long ago for skincare and is hence regarded as “the skin’s origin of life”. It provides remarkable anti-aging effects and can soothe, repair and activate one’s skin from basal lamina progressively while enhancing its elasticity. European Olive Leaf Extract: Regarded as liquid gold for beauty by the Greeks since ancient times, this ingredient helps to retain moisture, postpone and fade traces of aging, enhance elasticity and firmness and smooth fine lines. Musk Rose (Rosehip) Seed Oil: An ingredient that helps fighting aging from the basal layer. It can maintain elasticity of skin, lighten wrinkles, smooth fine lines and hydrate dry skin. Aloe Vera Gel: Ancient Latins called aloe “the spring of youth”. It is an all-purpose ingredient that helps repairing skin, postponing aging and uplifting the defensive capability of which. INGREDIENTS: WATER, DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL, GLYCERIN, PANTHENOL, CROTON LECHLERI RESIN EXTRACT, SODIUM HYALURONATE, HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN, OLEA EUROPAEA [OLIVE] LEAF EXTRACT, ROSA MOSCHATA SEED OIL, ALOE BARBADENSIS, TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, HYDROGENATED LECITHIN, XANTHAN GUM, NICOTINAMIDE, TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, ALLANTOIN, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, HYDROXYPROPYL BISSTEARAMIDE MEA, BUTYLENE GLYCOL, BEHENYL ALCOHOL, CETEARETH-20, TILIA CORDATA EXTRACT, CHOLESTERYL ISOSTEARATE, SQUALANE, TRICAPRYLIN, CHOLESTEROL, CETEARYL ALCOHOL, STEARIC ACID, SODIUM PCA, BETAINE, SORBITOL, GLYCINE, ALANINE, PROLINE, SERINE, THREONINE, ARGININE, LYSINE, GLUTAMIC ACID, DIMETHICONE, DISODIUM EDTA, ACRYLATES/C10-30 ALKYL ACRYLATE CROSSPOLYMER, HYDROLYZED JOJOBA ESTERS, MALTOOLIGOSYL GLUCOSIDE, HYDROGENATED STARCH HYDROLYSATE, GLYCERYL POLYACRYLATE, PVM/MA COPOLYMER, ALCOHOL, PARFUM, CI 77492, PHENOXYETHANOL, ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN