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item no.: 108022702004
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specification: 0.25 g 03 自然灰
functions:All Skin Type


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product name: Eleanor Brow Shaper(03 Dark Grey) (0.25g) (03 自然灰) item no.: 108022702004 brand: Eleanor
function: All Skin Type category: Eyebrow Pencil product size: 0.25 g
country of origin: Japan



Eleanor The Miracle Key  Brow Shaper(03 Dark Grey)(0.25g)

This brow shaper has a retractable pencil tip with silky texture on one end to shape, define and fill in your brows for a natural polished look while the other end features a brush for brow grooming. It fills in bald spots by adding dimension to fine brow hairs, making them look uniformly dense in one easy step.

Product Features:
 Easy to draw thick or thin lines by its retractable pencil tip, helps to control the using amount effectively, recommended for beginners.
 The other end of the shaper features a brush, to comb the eyebrows and trimming hair flow.
 Adding beeswax ingredients and hydrogenated castor oil ingredients, for moisturizing and nourishing your eyebrows and skin.
 This shaper gives very soft, ultra-fine gentle strokes of color in 03 dark gray tone, to create trendy and nude makeup effect.

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how to use

Step 1: Use eyebrow pen to outline your eyebrows. Draw and modify the eyebrows according to the growth direction. Step 2: Use the screwed brush to comb out hair or to smooth out the color.


 Hydrogenated castor oil Ingredients: Moist and smooth the skin.  Beeswax Ingredients: Nourish, soften the skin.

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all skin type

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