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item no.: 108669307001
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specification: 30 ml
functions:WhiteningHydratingPore MinimizingSoothingBrighteningAll Skin Type


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product name: Cyber Colors SPF50+ PA++++ Nude Tinted Moisturizer (30ml) item no.: 108669307001 brand: Cyber Colors
function: WhiteningHydratingPore MinimizingSoothingBrighteningAll Skin Type category: Base Lotion product size: 30 ml
country of origin: Korea



CYBER COLORS SPF50+ PA++++ Nude Tinted Moisturizer (30ml)
Thin texture, will not bring any burdens to skin. Vitamin B3 can brighten the skin, improve the proportion of water in cells, SPF50 + PA ++++, effectively blocking the damage from UVA and UVB to skin. In addition, 60% of water contained which keeps the skin moistful, soft and smooth, makeup lasting, is the good helper for creating fresh and natural nude makeup finish!

Product Features:
 High UV rays protection: SPF50 + PA ++++ can effectively block the damages brought by UVA and UVB to skin.
 Does not contain preservatives, talcum powder: No irritation to skin.
 Improve the skin problems: Cover wrinkles, reddening and uneven skin problems.

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how to use

Can be used as the moisturizing cream or makeup primer. After completing all skin care steps, use a finger or foundation brush to sweep the entire face, and then use the foundation.


 Vitamin B3: Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, inhibition of melanin.

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all skin type

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